Enjoy a more scalable and hassle-free phone system with VoIP PBX hosted in the Cloud

Use Troy Cable’s Cloud-based PBX system to easily connect every phone from anywhere with an Internet connection.


  • Scalability - easily adjust your system to accommodate your growing business
  • Robust features - all the features required for seamless daily operations, plus a broad selection of supplementary applications
  • Cost savings - get advanced phones and features for less
  • Adtran 7100 IP Communication Platform, Hosted


Get a flexible PBX solution without sacrificing performance or features

Manage your phone hardware onsite with Troy Cable Premise-based VoIP.

Worry-free PBX system

We manage your Cloud-based VoIP systems from our own secure, state of the art data centers.

Scale anytime with zero effort

Add users, features and upgrades as you need them.

Enable a remote workforce

Offsite employees can seamlessly make and take calls. Productivity and customer service will improve with four-digit dialing for easy call transfers among employees.

Service Plans:

  • B120 includes 120 LD minutes outside 334 area code
  • B1000 includes 1000 minutes outside 334 area code plus SIP or PRI trunking


Scale your phone system and save money, using equipment you already own

Our flexible PRI Trunking integrates with your current PRI-compatible phone system while leveraging our proprietary fiber-optic network.


  • No need for additional phone equipment
  • Excellent voice quality
  • Both voice and Internet services available
  • Alternate Routing enables automatic
    re-routing of inbound calls when necessary
  • Admin portal give you real-time PRI service control from any Internet connection
  • Optional Trunk Overflow solution enables your business to manage peak traffic
  • Avoid service outages caused by ILEC interruptions


Reduce costs, boost productivity and keep your network secure and stable

Our state of the art network consolidates your voice and Internet traffic over so you can maximize ROI.

Troy Cable's SIP Trunking is highly flexible, scalable and reliable. We use a streamlined data connection to enable dedicated local and long-distance voice as well as domestic and international toll-free services.

  • Lower costs with voice and data on a single connection
  • Only pay for as much broadband as the business needs
  • Monitor performance from the Internet
  • Port existing POTS numbers to VoIP
  • Local, national and international long-distance; toll-free and Emergency 911
  • Competitive Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Local number portability